MAESTRE’ (Craftmanship)
Personalised. An effective massage that respects the person’s individuality by applying various techniques with skill dependent on their need or demand.
50 min. 150 € 

A session of dry heat that gives an immediate feeling of well-being to reduce muscle pain. Ideal for athletes, neck pain and as preparation to massages.
20 min. 30 € 

The salt-saturated tub allows the senses to perceive the absence of weight and reach the highest state of lightness thanks to the deprivation of gravity. Ideal to restore the correct sleep cycle and in case of jet lag.
20 min. 30 € 

The services have a 24h cancellation policy.

Phone:  +390802255455


Ship to Cycle is the new door to door service to safely and efficiently send your bike wherever you want.
The service is dedicated to all cycling enthusiasts: professionals, amateurs and cycle tourists.
The objective is to offer a premium service that relieves you of the stress of transporting your bike to the airport and avoids further inconvenience of the transfer to the race venue or hotel.
This makes it possible to organise your trip with greater flexibility, not only for sporting purposes, but also for tourism.
Ship To Cycle relies on the best international couriers who guarantee precision and punctuality in deliveries. You can also activate an insurance policy that covers the full value of your bike throughout its journey.
Ship To Cycle is a service powered by SEL – Sport & Events Logistics, which for more than twenty years we have offered logistics and management services to sportspeople, teams and organisers.




Hepro Sport specializes in the sale of swimming and triathlon technical clothing and offers everything you need to tackle training sessions and race courses.
It is possible to rent the wetsuit by writing to the following email
The wetsuit pick up will take place at the Hepro stand inside the village.
Warning: the rental of the wetsuit is allowed only by reservation via email ( and cannot be requested at the stand during the race days.


The Officine Sud Est company is specialized in mechanical assistance and repairs of all kinds on any type of bicycle thanks to its many years of experience in the sector.

Officine Sud Est operators will take care of the mechanical assistance service on Friday 28 October from 12:00 to 19:00 and Saturday 29 October from 6:00 to 12.30 / 13.00.

To benefit from the service it is necessary to book by writing to the following email: